Welcome to GFR,LLC. A Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Family Business.

      Why should I support a Disabled Veteran Entrepreneur? Small business is the driving force in the economy and no population has been more successful at entrepreneurship than Veterans. Veteran-owned businesses account for $2.85 Trillion of the $22 Trillion small business market. Veterans represent only 5% of the small business population, but yet produce over 13% of the revenue! Additionally, studies show veterans are 2.5 times more likely to successfully start a small business than non-veterans. So, with your support of a Veteran now, you will personally play a direct role in creating jobs, taxable revenue, and growing the American economy. And if that isn’t motivation enough, put simply, this is a chance for you to thank someone who has served by giving them the opportunity to find the American Dream that they fought and sacrificed to protect.